Our Blend

What are peptides, and why are they so crucial for my hair?

We know you're on the hunt for products that align with your commitment to health and well-being. You might already be familiar with peptides from your skincare routine or the supplements you incorporate daily. The reason they've become a staple in numerous products is simple - they deliver real results!

Our formulas allow peptides to penetrate your hair follicles and work their magic. From boosting hydration and enhancing blood flow to increasing volume, intensifying shine, fortifying strength, and adding an extra layer of protection, they've got your hair and scalp covered. Our blend doesn't just target surface beauty. It delves deep into the core components of healthy hair and scalp.

What is our Proprietary Peptide Technology?

V&Co.’s Proprietary Peptide Blend, is a rich blend of peptides, amino acids, proteins, and vitamins that uniquely support all hair types and textures.

Our peptide blend provides the perfect balance of shine, strength, hydration, growth, and protection. Our formula focuses on the core components of healthy hair and scalp, infused with our unique blend to help bring out the best aspects of each individual hair type.