About Us

Who We Are

V & Co. is a family founded and multi-generational run team, headed by father-son, Tom and Mike Redmond. The Redmond family are serial entrepreneurs and seasoned innovators within the hair care industry, having founded beloved household name brands like Renpure and Aussie.
In 2020, Mike and Tom began to research the benefits of peptides and their reparative, smoothing, and hydrating qualities. They wondered if these powers could be applied to the scalp and hair as well. Sure enough, they were right! Alongside their scientific team, they began a lengthy process to develop and finetune formulas, specifically created with peptides for hair health. And the process began…
Today, they have created a full line of haircare specifically tailored to your hair type with each bottle including their Proprietary Peptide Technology.


At V&Co. Beauty we are committed to making the world a better place for our children and the generations to come. Our mission is an ongoing journey of discovering how we can better utilize our resources, reduce our environmental impact, and provide a sustainable future. It began with the elimination of sulfates and parabens along with other chemicals from our products because we believe there's no room for them in personal care. This commitment to health and well-being extends to our planet.

Our commitment to sustainable practices is ever evolving. We continuously seek innovative ways to further reduce our environmental impact, from sourcing materials responsibly to minimizing waste throughout our operations. With this promise, have carefully crafted our bottles and caps with up to 65% recycled material. We are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future, because it's not just a duty; it's our heartfelt promise to the planet.